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mx player for android phone

This post is written for mx player settings. Let’s talk about the MX player before showing mx player settings. MX player is the most popular and best media player for android.

MX player is installed more than 500,000,000+ times. I fell that without mx player android phone like that: like curry without salt.

MX player is most popular for its good user interface (UI) and super User Experience (UX). In this post, we have discussed mx player unlimited settings. I hope you enjoy the post and will benefit. So, let’s start to go to the main point.

Now I am devide this post into 2 part:

If you think you don’t need a basic part then simply avoid this part. Otherwise, read the full post. You can simply change basic to advance part by click here: MX player Basic settings and MX player advance settings.

Mx player settings (Basic):

At first install mx player from playstore: MX Player or download from apkpure: MX Player. Now install mx player on your android phone and open it. And follow our guidelines for best settings.

List to Grid view:

If you like to list view then you don’t need to do this. But if you want to use Grid view and list are all then follow the below screenshot for switch List to grid view and Grid to List view.

MX player settings
Mx player list to grid view option

I personally like Grid view 🥴.

Mx player network stream:

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This is a super helpful feature. You can play online videos from here without download it on your device memory card/phone memory. For getting mx player network stream to follow the below screenshot.

Mx player network stream
Mx player network stream

First, click 3 dot menu from your screen top of the right corner. Then click Network stream option and now you can see a window like the above screenshot. Now give your video URL on this box and press OK and enjoy your video.

Mx player equalizer:

Latest mx player added this most helpful feature. Mx player equalizer settings would increase the listening pleasure. You can use this equalizer on Audio and video both files. For getting mx player equalizer: Click 3 dot menu from your screen top of the right corner and tap Equalizer. Now you can see a window like below screenshot:

mx player equalizer

Mx player equalizer

Now Click marked place and active your Mx player equalizer. Now you can see a like below screenshot:

mx player equalizer settings
mx player equalizer settings

Now you can coustomize mx player Equalizer.

Mx player sorting setting:

Are you want to change mx player sort by date or size or any other types? Then follow this rule. Click: 3 dot menu < View < Sort by. Now you can see a list like the below table:

Sort by
Played time
Frame rate

Now we can explain about these sorting mode.

Title: If you select title then mx player arrenged your video and audio starting by at first number then A>B>C>D etc etc.

Status: It can be sort your videos by your last played video become first. Played time also same. Because I can’t find any change😥.

Played time:
This option can sort your videos by your last played become first.

Resolution: If you use this option then mx player sorts your videos by highest resolution to the lowest resolution. Example: 1920*1080 > 1280*720 > 960*540

Length: Lenght sort by your videos by long length to short length. example: 1:00:00 > 50:00 > 05:20.

Frame rate: Here is also your videos are sorten by their frame rate. EX: 60>40

Location: You can arrenge your video and audio by location via this option.

Size: Big size to small size. Ex: 1024 MB > 500 MB.

Date: New video to old video. 20-05-2019 > 4-05-2019

Type: Type sort by video like this: 1st- New video then 2nd: uncommon language (without English all kind of language) 3rd: Numerical file 4th: then sort by title.

MX PLAyer Fields:

Follow the below screenshot. And click there.

mx video player settings
mx video player fields settings

Now click view then click Fields. Now give the tick mark on below settings:

Played Time

Mx player settings (Advance):

Click 3 dot menu. follow below screenshot: (When I say you go to menu then follow this screenshot. Because this is menu icon).

mx player advance settings
mx video player settings

Now click Settings and follow bellow instruction and get mx player best settings.

Change MX Player theme:

MX player has to default Blue theme. This is a very nice looking theme. But longtime use you can fell boring. So you can simply change your mx player themes.

To change mx player theme go to List < Theme. There are 25 themes available! You can choose any theme from here. And give tic mark Colorize notification bar and also you can give tic mark on Display last played media in italics.

mx player theme
mx player theme

Hide specific folders:

Are you have a private video? If you have private video, I know you don’t want to show these videos on mx player media library. So, mx player has a super cool feature for you. You can hide your private video folder by mx player settings.

At first create a private folder on your Emulated storage/ SD card and move your all private videos on this folder. And then follow the below instruction.

This is very easy. Just go to Menu > Settings > List now scroll down and click on Folders. Then click ADD button and go to your specific folder and press OK. Now give tic mark on your selected folder and click on HIDE option from the below section.

mx player hide folder show

Configure Decoders per extension type:

This option is very helpful for low configuration phone and also high configuration phone. If you want to set a decoder for your specific extension EX: Are you want to set HW+ decoder for .mpg extension video. Then this option can help you.

Go to Menu > List > File Extensions now select your specific extension. If you don’t find out your specific extension then click ADD button and type your desirable extension like MPG and then press ok. Now select this extension and press DECODER and select decoder. Here you can see 4 types of decoder option:

  • Default
  • HW
  • HW+
  • SW

I recommended you to select HW+. Because HW+ is more powerful.

Customize MX player Style:

Are you want to fully customize your mx player styles? I love this option very much. Because I like to customizable style though mx player default style is awesome😍. But if you want to customize mx player style then follow below instruction.

Go to Menu > Player > Style now customize style what you want.

MX Player Screen Settings:

Are you want you to change mx player screen setting for better performance? Then go to
Menu > Player > Screen
Now change mx player screen settings what you want. I recommend you to change mx player screen setting like below image.

MX player screen settings
MX player screen settings 2019

Touch ActionShow interface + pause/resume
Lock modeLock (if you have a baby select: Kids lock)
Seek position
Zoom and Pan
Subtitle scrool
Subtitle up/down
Subtitle zoom
Screen rotation
Playback speed
Background play
Interface auto hide 2.0 sec
Show interface when lock screen is touched

MX Player Navigation:

Navigation is another best setting of mx player. You can change it from here:

Menu > Player > Navigation. Change it by following the below chart:

mx player navigation bar
mx player navigation bar

Resume from the point where you stopped the video:

Hold you are watching a nice movie. Unfortunately, you need to close the app. And again when you open this movie, if this movie starts again from first then this is very disgusting. So, mx player has a super feature that can allow you to resume the video where you to stopped. You can simply enable Resume option.

Go to
Menu > Player > Resume
Now select Yes. That’s it.


You know MX player plays for the foreground. But if you want to play on background, it’s possible in mx player by mx player settings. IF you want to turn of it then go to Menu > Player and give tick mark on Background play. Now you can play video on foreground and also background.

Navigation buttons:

If your phone has software navigation buttons (back button, home button, menu button) and when you watch a video and these navigation buttons are not hidden automatically. Then give a tick mark on Software navigation Buttons. Get this option from Menu > Player > Software navigation Buttons.

HW+ Hardware Decoder:

I hope you know that mx player support hardware and softwaer decoder. That’s why we can play video smoothly on mx player. If you enable HW+ decoder. Then you can play more smoothly than HW decoder. So, you need to enable mx player HW+ decoder.

Go to menu > Decoder > and give tick mark on these 2 setting:

  • HW+ decoder (local)
  • HW+ decoder (network)

MX Player use as Audio Player:

Everybody knows that mx player is a video player. It’s right. But… mx player is not only a video player. But also you can MX as an Audio player. But how? Don’t worry man. Follow the below instruction:

Go to Menu > Audio now give a tick mark on Audio player.

mx player audio
mx player audio

Now you can play an audio file on mx player. For play go to your file manager and click the audio file and select mx player🥴.

Mx player custom codec:

Many times we need to install a custom codec. If you also need to install the custom codec on mx player then follow the instruction:

Menu > Decoder > Custom codec now go to your custom codec folder and select your custom code file use it.

Mx player Kids lock:

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If you have a child and they watch a video on your phone. Then mx player kids lock can help you for protecting unexpected call, message by your child. So, you need to enable mx player child lock. For enable this option to follow the instruction.

Menu > Player > Controls > Lock mode and select Kids Lock.

MX player Subtitle Text Setting:

Do you think you need to change mx player subtitle settings (font, size, color, background, border)? Then follow the below instruction.

Go to Menu > Subtitle > Text now customize mx player subtitle text setting that you want. And also you want to change layout then click Layout option and customize layout option.

MX player language change:

MX player default language is English. But if you want to chnage mx player language setting english to your mother lanugage or others. Then follow the below instruction.

Go to menu > General > Language now select your expected lanuage.

MX Player Reset Option:

Are you want to get back mx player default setting without uninstalling mx player? Then go to: menu > General > Reset setting. And reset mx player setting.

MX Player Export:

Are you want to keep backup your mx player settings for next time? Then go to:

Menu > General > Export and give tick mark on

  • Settings
  • Activity records

Now press ok and then select your folder where you want to save export file and then click OK.

MX player Import Setting:

Are you have a mx player exported file? If your anser is yes, then follow the below rules:

Go to Menu > General > Import now go to the specific folder where located your export file. Then select your file and press OK.

MX Player related some question and Anser:

Is MX player good?

Without any doubt, I can tell you mx player is good for Android. Because their UI (user interface) is user-friendly. You can play any kind of video on Android via mx player. Even if you want to use mx player as an audio player you can also do this. So, I can say that the mx player is good.

How do I install a codec?

Go to Menu then click Decoder then click Custom codec then see which type custom codec is needed for your phone. My phone custom codec type is: ARMV7 Neon for better understands to see the below screenshot:

Mx player custom codec
Mx player custom codec

Now download the custom codec from here: MX Player Codec Download

Now again go to Menu > Decoder > Custom decoder and select your downloaded file and install it.

I hope if you follow this post you had to get help from this post. If you like these mx player settings then tell about these mx player settings with your friends. And you can share this post with your friends via the share button. If you think I missed anything then comment here. I’ll add this on this post. I am waiting for your comment👍😍.

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