How To Transfer Text Messages To New Phone Android

How To Transfer Text Messages To New Phone Android

There have lot’s of way to transfer text messages to another new phone android. But here I will show the most easy and my favorite option.

Transfer Text Message to New Android Phone by SMS Backup & Restore App:

  • At first go to PlayStore and search it: SMS Backup & Restore. Or, directly install this app from below download button.
  • Now open this app.
  • Now press GET STARTED
  • Now you need to allow 4 permission for backup message, so click ALLOW button.
  • Now click SET UP A BACKUP
  • Now just select Messages (if you can’t understand then follow the below screenshot)
  • how do i transfer text messages from one phone to another
  • Now press Next.
  • Now select the storage where you want to backup your message. I have selected Your Phone option.
  • Then you need to select a folder where you want to store your backup. So, select a folder and remember the folder name for next time use.
  • Now unselect Schedule recurring backups
  • Then click on BACK UP NOW
  • Now it’ll take a few times so wait…
  • Now backup is complete!

After taking your backup now go to your backup folder and send this.xml file on your other new android phone via Bluetooth/shareIT or any other app.

Now install this app (SMS Backup & Restore) on your new android phone.

After install the app on your new phone then follow the below steps to restore your messages on your new phone:

  • Install and open the app and give all permission to ALLOW
  • Now tap on Left side Menu
  • Then click Restore
  • Now select the option where is located your backup file. My backup file is located in memory card so I selected the LOCAL BACKUP LOCATION option.
  • Now click on SELECT ANOTHER BACKUP and select your backup file. which file you received from your old phone.
  • Now click Restore and wait for a few second to restore the full file.
  • Done.

Now restart your phone and then go to your message option and see the all messages.

I hope you can understand the full process. But if you face any problem then comment here we will help you to solve your problem.

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