How to Transfer Files from Android to PC Wireless 2019

transfer files from android to pc wireless

Today I give you super 2 methods for how to transfer files from android to pc wireless?

Many times we need to transfer audio, video, images, and many other types of file from our Android phone to our PC / Laptop.

In this post, I’ll show you how to transfer file without cable on your computer.
If you follow this post you’ll be able to transfer files via your phone Hotspot!

I hope you know ES file explorer is the best file manager/ file explorer for android. ES file explorer is my favorite file manager. I like this app very much because this app has multiple features. If you use ES file explorer you can do a lot of work via one app such as File share and receive, Audio player, video player, Image viewer, PC view mode, Download manager, FTP, Cloud share and lot of useful work.

Lets start to see that:

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How to transfer files from android to pc wireless via ES File Explorer:

First, turn on the hotspot. I hope you can do this simple work. Unfortunately, if you can’t turn on android hotspot then follow this post How to turn on android hotspot.

At first, download the ES file explorer from apkpure website. If you download then install this app manually but if you installed from playstore then directly open es file explorer.

Now click on the marked place (see screenshot).

es file explorer swipe menu
Es file explore swipe menu

Now scroll down to up and tap View on PC. If you can’t understand follow below screenshot:

es file explorer view on pc
View on PC

Now you can see this screenshot related screen. So, now tap Turn ON button.

es file explorer view on pc turn on
ES file explorer view on pc turn on

Now you can see a FTP address below this screenshot.

how to transfer files from android to pc wireless
ES File explorer ftp address

Now your phones work is ended. So, start your PC and connected your computer with android hotspot then open any browser (I like Chrome browser). Now enter the FTP address on the browser address bar that you got from ES File Explorer and press enter. Now you can see your phone memory card on your PC! So, now just enter your specific folder and which file you need to click on this file and download it on your PC!!

es file explorer view on pc sd card
es file explorer view on pc sd card


On the other hand, you can transfer files from pc to android wifi direct via Shareit. I know who use the android phone he/she is known by Shareit app. Usually, we share files from android to android. But, today I’ll show you how to transfer files from android to pc wireless.

How to transfer files from android to pc wireless via Shareit:

I hope your phone has already installed Shareit. So, now Download share for pc: PC shareit

After downloading shareit software, normally install this software and open it. Then you can a screen like the below screenshot:

shareit for pc latest version

Then go to your android phone and open Shareit apk. Then follow the below rules:

Now click More button. For better understanding follow the below screenshot:

shareit  old version

Now you can see More features like below screenshot:

shareit app apk
shareit more features button

Now click Connect PC button.

After pressing Connect PC button your android phone searching your pc. When your phone gets your pc client then you can see like the below screenshot. Then tap on the marked button.

shareit recieve

Now wait just a few seconds for connecting your android phone with your pc. After connecting you can see a new window like the below screenshot:

Shareit file transfering mode

Hurray! Now you are the success man! Now you can transfer any kinds of files from android to pc and pc to android. Just click Files option and select your files and transfer it on your pc.

If you want to share files from pc to android, then you can share your files on android like you shared your files from android. If you can’t understand follow the below screenshot.

shareit for windows latest version

Click Pictures for sending pictures, click Files for sending any kind of files such as audio, video, pictures, software, apps etc etc!

I hope this post can help you for transfer files from android to pc and pc to android. I personally use Shareit (N.B. I use shareit 3.9.28 version. Latest version I can’t fell comfortable. This post all screenshot are taken from 3.9.28 version app.) for transfering files. You can use shareit for transfering. But you unlike shareit then you can use ES File Explorer for transfering files.

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