How To Teach 2 Year Old Alphabet And Numbers 2020

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If you want to know that How To Teach 2 Year Old Alphabet And Numbers then these Best educational apps for preschoolers android app can help parents for saving their time.

Because, when you left your home and went to your office. Then you can open this list any app for your child. Or, if you want to teach Alphabet of your kids then simply open this list any app and give your smartphone on your child’s hand.

Today we’ll give you 10 best free alphabet apps for your 2-year-old child.

Best Educational Android Apps For Elementary Students In 2019:

How To Teach 2 Year Old Alphabet And Numbers
educational apps for 2-year-olds

App Name: ABC Kids -Tracing & Phonics

Now install the ABC learning games for 2-year-olds child from the below link.

Why we like it: We like the ABC Kids app. Because ABC Kids is the best free alphabet learning app & game for 2 years old kids. Your child can learn the alphabet from this app with fun! Because this app has gaming mode and letter matching mode with the letter sound.

This app is designed for preschoolers and kindergartners kids. ABC Kids is designed also for adults. If you want to use this app for an adult then you need to enable adult mode from setting.

Your kids can learn English and alphabet by following the arrow with their fingers. For learning English and alphabet from this app no need for an internet connection which is an extra advantage.

ABC Kids – Features:

  • This app has letter matching, tracing game, phonics pairing features and many more.
  • ABC Kids hasn’t any in-app purchases and third part ADS. This app is fully free!
  • ABC Kids is a colorful app. So, your kids quickly attract by this app and can learn the alphabet via this app.

alphabet tracing worksheets for 3 year olds

App Name: Alphabet for Kids ABC Learning – English

Why we like it: Alphabet for Kids ABC is the best app for learning the alphabet. Your child can learn the English alphabet and writing letters via this app. By this best free preschool apps, your child can learn with fun and free. This app has a puzzle, letter matching, quiz, and games that can attract your kids. So, install this app from the playstore.

Alphabet for Kids ABC – Features:

  • Has A-Z all alphabets free game with a puzzle.
  • Has uppercase and lowercase letters to listen to, match.
  • This app has alphabet songs. This can help your kids to learn the English alphabet quickly. Because we can remember sound long days.
  • This colorful kids learning app can help babies learn English.

Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers android 2019
Alphabet Puzzles For Toddlers

App name: Alphabet Puzzles For Toddlers

Why we like this app:

Alphabet Puzzles For Toddlers app is a free android game for learning the English alphabet for kids. Through this app, your baby can learn English letters made with fun. This app puzzle and the game can busy your baby for learning. By this Alphabet Puzzles For Toddlers, an app can help your child to improve their skills with problem-solving and logical skills. Your child will lots of fun for hours with this app.  

Alphabet Puzzles For Toddlers – Features:

  • Your baby can easily use and control this app. Because this app is easy to use!
  • Your baby should love this app for Alphabet Puzzles For Toddlers app high graphics.
  • This app is very simple for your 2 years babies.
  • Babies can develop their skills by solving this app Puzzles.
  • This app all puzzles are fully free. SO, your babies can play all the puzzle without any purchasing.

Basic Kids Learning

App name: Basic Kids Learning

Why we like this app:  Basic Kids Learning is another best free apps for kids. Because this colorful app can help improve your baby’s remembering skills.  Basic Kids Learning app can help toddlers for learning the basic English alphabet, English number and basics color with their guide!

Basic Kids Learning – Features:

  • This app all content is 100% free.
  • Support multiple languages like English, China, Italian, India and many more.
  • Babies can learn the English alphabet.
  • Kids can learn English numbers.
  • Babies Can learn basics color.
  • This app has a voice feature that can help babies how to say each letter.

I think Basic Kids Learning is the best app for learning the alphabet. You can install the app for your kids.

Kids ABC Learning and Writing

App name: Kids ABC Learning and Writing

Install: Sorry to say, this now app this app haven’t on Playstore. Instead of this app you can use this app: ABC Writing Letters Alphabets Kids Learning Games

Why we like this app: We know there have many parents they worried because of their kid’s all-time play games or watch cartoons/animation on their android phones. If you face this same problem don’t worry just install this app on your android phone and give your smartphone on your kid’s hand and forget your worry. Your kids enjoy this app because this app developer attached amazing sounds and graphics.

Kids ABC Learning and Writing – Features:

  • Kids can learn English pronunciation from this app.
  • Kids can learn English alphabets simply from this app.
  • This app has super phonic sounds that can enjoy your child.

I think Kids ABC is the best English alphabet learning app for kids.

android funny alphabet app

App name: Learn alphabet & learn letters

Why we like this app: Learn alphabet & learn letters app is another best English alphabet app for 2-year-old kids. Learn the alphabet & learn letters app is a simple and funny learning app for babies. Your kids can learn English alphabets and also English words from this super app. A toddler can alphabets and also recognized animals via this app. Your baby can learn all alphabet: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z from this app.

Learn alphabet & learn letters Features:

  • This free app can help your 2-5-year-old babies for learning the English alphabet.
  • This app each alphabet comes with a new amazing image with a Girl voice that can attract your babies for learning.
  • This app has 2 types of games. This game can improve the brain, memory, and creativity of your kids.
  • When your babies will click on the Animal images or letter image then this app pronounced this image letter. So, your babies can learn well English.

android toodler app

App name: Learn Letter Names and Sounds with ABC Trains

Why we like this app: Your child can learn alphabets from this app. This app has 2 versions. One is free and the other is paid. By free version your babies can:

  • Learn English alphabets for kids by building a railway.
  • Children can trace the upper case and lower case via this app railroad trace!

This app’s other version is paid. By premium version your children can:

  • Match lower case and upper case letters via this version.
  • Identify letters via sounds.

App name: Learning Letters for Toddlers – Baby ABC for Kids

Why we like this app: We like this app because your baby can learn how to talk English and learn English via this android app. There have many children who can’t recognize the letter name until they start school.

So, if you install this app on your smartphone (android phone) today’s to your baby can learn English alphabets and remember the English Alphabet names.

Learning Letters for Toddlers – Features:

  • Your child can remember the letter name of the alphabet.
  • The child can learn alphabet songs.
  • This app has fun, engaging and exciting games. Through these helpful games, your child can solve new problems and gain knowledge.
  • This app all image is colorful. So, your child easily loves it.
  • This app all game is suitable for a preschooler.

App name: Spelling Games for Kids & Parents

Why we like this app: We like this app because this free android app can help parents to teach English spelling their kids. This app is for kids but also parents. So, kids and parents can learn English via this one app!

Spelling Games for Kids & Parents – Features:

  • This app all content is 100% free.
  • High-quality colorful images.
  • Kids and parent-friendly app.
  • Has a professional quality voiceover.
  • Each voiceover has different colorful and cutes images.
  • Kids can learn proper words in their images.

App name: Writing the alphabet

Why we like this app: Writing the alphabet can teach you how to write the English alphabet.

Writing the alphabet – Features:

  • App has a letter sound.
  • Has animal sound.
  • You can draw letters.
  • Has complete alphabets.

I hope this review can help you in selecting the Android Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers. If this review can help you for choosing the best preschoolers app then share this post on your social profiles.

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