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How to Download Files Bigger than 4gb on Android #2020

My today’s post about how to download files bigger than 4gb on android without root phone!

At first, I say you that why you can’t download files more than 4 GB on an android phone, because if you use an external SD card which is formatted in fat32.

Fat32 doesn’t support to download bigger than 4gb files.

How to download files bigger than 4gb on android without root:

Internal Storage:

If your internal storage has enough space and you use it for downloading larger than 4GB files, then you able to download these large files.

Because of internal storage support Extended 3/4 (ext4) format. Which format gives you permission for downloading greater than 4GB files.

If you use internal storage then you can download audio, video, zip files, and anything.

If you follow this post for downloading files greater than 4gb on android. You can be able to download larger than 4GB files on your external storage!!

HTTP Downloader:

If you use HTTP downloader for download biggest files from your android phone. This app can help you to download the biggest files.

Http downloader is an android app which app available in Android Playstore. You can install this app on your android phone without any charge.

Because this app is full free!

How does work HTTP Downloader?

HTTP Downloader Working Process:

At first HTTP Download manager split your file when your downloaded file size greater than 4 GIGABYTES. HTTP Downloader automatically split your file in a two-part and continues to download.

So, you can download files greater than 4 gb to fat32 without any problem. After downloading your files you need to join these files via any file joiner apps/software. HTTP Downloader has a built-in file joiner you can use this file joiner for joining your files.

HTTP Downloader Review:

  • You can download lots of files via HTTP Downloader without worrying about download failing and link expiration.
  • If you haven’t enough storage but you want to download large file HTTP Downloader can be your best choice. Because this app first split your files into many parts. Then it starts downloading. So, you can transfer your files on your PC or another device. Then you can delete this file from your storage and you can download the next parts!

  • You can continue download failed downloads from another popular browser!
  • You can download your files directly on your Google Drive accounts and you can save your storage.
  • Has a built-in file joiner.
  • This app support the External SD card.
  • HTTP Downloader has LED alerts and notifications.

Upcoming release features:

  1. You can download ZIP and any other compressed files.
  2. Adding schedule downloads.
  3. You can upload google drive without failure.
  4. Parallel download.
  5. Improvements in file joiner

You can learn more from their website: Http downloader

I hope this post can help you to download/transfer files larger than 4gb to fat32 and download file size too large.

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