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[Top] Best Android Media Player App for 2020 #Review

Today I listed the top 5 Best Android Media player app for 2019. Which media player for android supports almost all types of video formats.

Are you can remember the day when we convert video for watching our phone?

Nowadays mobile phone hardware supports almost all types of video formats. But Android phone defaults app doesn’t support all types of video formats.

So, we need to default player alternative player which can support all kinds of videos.

Which is the best media player app for android 2019:

MX Player:

Why not use the MX player? What’s not in this media player? What’s your need for everything has on MX player.

If you haven’t used this android media player before. Then know that why you need to use the MX player. MX Player is the top & most powerful Media player app for android phone. Now read the mx player review from below.

  • Playback resume: If you reboot/power off your phone or close the app of viewing a video in the middle, you can return the same point. Where you closed the app. If you want to go back to the first point, it’s also possible. You can simply set the setting for this option.
  • Background audio play: Generally we need to play an audio media file. We can play audio with MX player. Even, if we need to play a video file just audio. Then we can play it without any converting a video.
  • Kids Lock: If you want to entertain your child without any worry. Then, kid’s lock can rid you of worry! It’s impossible to minimize the app without unlocking. So, your child can’t operate the most important apps like calling.
  • Touch action: Mx player supports Touch action. By touch action features you can easily play/stop your playing video touch anywhere your screen.
  • Zoom and Pan: You can easily zoom your video by this option. Pan option can help you for the side your playing video on anywhere. You can easily use this awesome feature via mx player.
  • Subtitle: Nowadays subtitle is one of the most popular options for the movie lover. Mx player support lots of subtitle formats like .srt .sub .txt .ass .ssa .idx .mpl and many others format.
  • Online subtitles download: Mx player give you permission to download online subtitle. What you need just type this on the online subtitle search box and download it.
  • Audio Player: MX Player support almost all kinds of audio format. So, you can use mx player for your audio player.
  • Mx player playback speed: MX player support playback speed. You can increase and decrease video/audio speed.

Mx player support hardware acceleration. So, you can smoothly play any videos. Mx player has 2 versions free and paid. You can also increase and decrease video voice speed via mx player. The free version has some ads. If you want to run mx player without any ads then you can buy it’s paid version.

Install/download mx video player android from here: MX player

FX Player – video player all format:

FX Player – video player all format my other favorite video and audio player for its own unique features. I really pleased with it’s 4K and Full HD video supporting features. Now know that fx player best features why this player is the best media player for android mobile.

  • You know that nowadays 4K videos are very popular. But, if you want to play 4k videos on your android phone then you can’t play 4k videos on your android phone defaults player. Todays to you can run 4K videos on your smartphone via FX Player.
  • FX Player supports HD videos (1280*720), Full HD videos (1920*1080). You can smoothly run HD and full HD videos on your android phone by this player.

  • This player supports DVD and Blu-ray videos.
  • FX player supports Gesture features. You can control sound, brightness, resize, playback and speed.
  • FX Player has built-in network client HTTP or WebDAV, SMB, CIFS and also FTP.

  • Many times we need to watching videos and browsing at the same time. But, if we want to play videos while browsing default players don’t support this. FXplayer has Floating Video (popup player) features. So, you can easily watch videos while browsing other applications (app).
  • Are you use a Video locker app for hiding your videos? If you use fx player app you don’t need to install another app to lock your personal videos. You can easily move your personal videos on a safe private folder.

  • You can easily play all formats audio files via this player.
  • You can play a Multilingual Audio on FX Player.

If you like this best android mobile media player app features and also you want to use this player for your android phone. You can install it from PlayStore. Playstore install link: FX Player – video player all format

VLC Player:

You know that VLC player is the most popular media player for a personal computer (PC). Even nowadays VLC player is also the most popular player for android.

  • The VLC player supports many kinds of video file format.
  • You can easily play these types of video file extensions Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS
  • It supports autorotation.
  • The VLC player supports almost all types of audio formats.

  • You can use the vlc player for a full audio player. Because this player has an Equalizer and filters.
  • VLC Player is a fully free app, this app hasn’t any ADS. So, you can browse this app without any boring.

Install vlc player from here

You can know more about vlc android media player video from here:

GOM Player:

Gom player is one of the other best video player for android. But why? Read this player features. You should also say this the best player.

  • Are you want to play 360 videos? Gom player supports 360 videos. So. you can easily 360 videos on your phone by gom player!
  • If you need to take a screenshot while playing a video. You can easily take a screenshot from this player.
  • Are you want to connect your Google Drive, FTP, Dropbox, OneDrive. If you want to connect these cloud servers then the Gom player is one of the best players for you.
  • If you need a sleep timer while playing a video. Then, a gom player can help you with the sleep timer.

Are you want to use this player? If you want to use it. Install this player from the play store. Playstore install link: GOM Player

BSPlayer Free:

BSPlayer is one of the best media player for android phone. BSPlayer is the best multimedia player for android for its unique features. Now read the bs player review from below.

  • Bsplayer supports multicore (dual-core and quad-core) HW decoding. As a result, you can improve your Android phone video playback speed.
  • Are you want to play video and audio on the Popup window? You can easily play any videos and audios on your phone by this media player.

  • If are you want to play a video on your uncompressed.RAR file then you can easily any videos by Bsplayer free.
  • You can playback any videos and mp3 files from Wi-Fi. No need to download and convert these files for play on your phone.
  • You can find your videos subtitle via Wi-Fi or Mobile Network.
  • This player supports multiple audio streams and subtitles.
  • BSPlayer hardware-accelerated features will help you increase speed and reduces battery consumptions.
  • This player includes these packages ARMv7 with VFP and NEON. Bsplayer will notify you which package need you. So, you can simply download and use it on your smartphone.

I hope that you would have really loved this top android media player all the features. Now you can Install bs player for android from this link: BSPlayer free

Here I showed you 5 best android media players app with reviews. I hope this small review will help you with choosing android best media player.

Now if you ask me what is the best media player for android phones then I tell you the MX player app is my favorite.

Which app are you want to use for your phone and why you want to use it tell us via the comment section.

Xilent Mim

I am Xilent Mim. I am a lover of technology. I want to help you in choosing the best app via my review.

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