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#1 Best Android Browser for Downloading Large Files 2020

Are you looking best android browser for downloading large files and also browsing? There have many reasons for downloading large files from android.

Such as, if you haven’t any PC, or if your area network is slow and you need to download large files, then you need to download these files from other places/areas.

Alternatively, I think you have a personal computer (PC), and you went abroad. As a result, now your pc hasn’t with you.

Now if you need to download large files from the internet, this downloader browser apps can help you for downloading your files!

Note: In this post, I have tried to fulfill android browser-related almost all kinds of questions and answers. You need to click the section which topics you need to learn from below Content Table.

Best android browser apps for downloading large files:

UC Browser Apk:

UC browser is one of the most popular browsers for android. But are you know that UC browser is not only a web browser but also a powerful downloader?

YES, the UC browser has a built-in download manager. This built-in downloader has a lot of features.


If you need to pause your downloading files or if you see that your megabytes are going to end. Then this PAUSE feature can help you for stopping your download.


If you stopped your downloading files via the PAUSE feature. Then you can download/ resume the download of this file where you have to stop your files! No need to re-download this file.

Auto Resume:

UC browser auto-Resume is my favorite feature. Because, when your data connection made a problem like auto on/off. Then this feature can auto-start downloading your failed downloaded files when got a net connection.

Or, if you had to any paused files and when you on DATA connection, the auto-resume feature can download files from UC downloads without your permission. But if you want to off auto-resume feature it’s possible. You can simply disable the auto-resume feature from settings.

Background Download:

If you left from UC browser. Uc browser can continue downloading your files. If you close or exit the UC browser then the UC browser automatically pauses your download. When you again enter the UC Browser then this browser auto-resume the download your files.

Without these super features, the UC browser has a heavy fast downloading feature that connects the UC browser server. If you use the UC browser for downloading you get this feature automatically.

Now get UC browser apps for android – free download link: UC Browser

Puffin Browser:

Puffin is a super-fast browser and also a big file downloading the best browser for android. You can download the biggest files from your android phone via the puffin browser.

Puffin browser apk has two downloading options:

  1. You can save your file on your phone/memory
  2. You can save this file on your cloud account like Google Drive, Dropbox without losing your data!

The puffin browser is a server-based app. SO, you get a better experience via this browser. Puffin web browser apk recently declared a new feature Puffin os, you can learn more about this from here: puffin os

Puffin browser apk download link: Puffin browser free install link: Puffin browser apk

If you have to ability to buy the pro version or you are pro version lover then you can download puffin web browser pro apk from here: Puffin Web Browser Pro

UC Mini:

UC mini is another super-fast downloading cool browser. UC mini is another best browser for android by UC company. UC Browser has a lot of features but UC mini has little features.

Fortunately, UC mini downloader is faster than the UC browser. So, you can use this fast browser for downloading your files.

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is the best internet browser app for Android. Chrome made by Google. Google chrome provides many features which feature really very helpful for us. As a result, people love this internet app/browser.

Google Chrome has a built-in download feature. The chrome download option is more strong. If you use this browser you can easily download any files like video, audio, images, zip file even webpage!

If you want to best service then regularly update google chrome.

If you want how to download large files on android without browser app. Then you can check this Android Download Manager Apps collection.

Android Download Manager App:

If you want to use download manager android for your phone then you can check the list:

I hope these best android browser for downloading large files app browser collection can help you via giving you a better experience.

The FAQ for the best browser for downloading in android:

1. Q: Which Download Manager is best?

A: Advanced download manager (ADM) is the best download manager for Android. The Internet Download manager is the best download manager for pc.

2. Q: Which is the fastest browser for downloading?

A: UC browser/ UC mini is the fastest downloading manager for Android and also PC.

3. Q: How do you stop a download on Android?

A: If you need to stop your downloading file. There have many apps they give this permission. You can use these apps to stop/pause your downloading Uc browser, Opera mini, adm, idm. Use this app and when you need your download stop then simply touch on the RESUME button.

4. Q: What’s the best Web browser for Android?

A: I like chrome for browsing and this is true Chrome is the best web browser for Android and PC. But if you want a small size / fast and light size app, but very helpful then you can use VIA Browser for Android.

5. Q: Where are my downloads on Android?

A: Open your file manager then select your default storage. If your default storage is Internal memory then choose internal or your default storage is External memory then choose external. Then open the Download folder. I hope you will get your files. Unfortunately, if you do not get your file then try another folder. Most of the time that folder associated with the name of the app.

6. Q: How to use internet download manager for android:

A: At the first time internet download manager was only pc version. But nowadays internet download manager has for android phone. You can use IDM on your android phone. Just install internet download manager for android from playstore: IDM Download Manager

And enjoy it on your android phone.

Best browser for downloading large files on pc :

These browsers are the best browser for downloading large files on pc:

  • UC Browser: UC browser is the super-fast pc browser for downloading any files.
  • Chrome: Chrome is the product of Google. Chrome is also the best browser for downloading large files on pc.
  • Firefox: Firefox is a popular browser for PC and also android. This browser is best for downloading and browsing.
  • Opera mini: Operamini is another best browser for downloading big files from your computer.

I personally use the Internet download manager (IDM) extension associated with chrome/firefox.

You can try IDM for the best service.

Related Some of Questions and answers: Which browser is best for fast downloading?

Below browsers are the best android browser for downloading large files:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Tor Browser
  • Puffin Browser
  • Flynx
  • Brave Browser
  • Samsung Internet Browser
  • Via browser

Which browser is the best android browser for downloading 2019?

These mobile browsers apk are the most powerful for downloading in 2019.

  • Uc browser
  • UC browser mini
  • Chrome
  • Opera mini
  • Puffin browser
  • Opera Touch
  • Firefox
  • Via browser
  • Flynx
  • Brave browser
  • Samsung Internet Browser

Which browsers are the best browser for android 2019:

Are you looking best browsing app for android? Then you can use any browser app from the below list.

  • Chrome
  • Via browser
  • Puffin browser
  • XBrowser
  • Opera mini
  • Dolphin browser apk
  • Firefox
  • Samsung internet browser
  • Flynx
  • Brave browser apk
  • Opera touch
  • Tor browser

[TOP 3] Best Cool Browser for Android 2019

In this section, I discussed the best browser for android 2019. I mean by COOL BROWSER that app which browser app is lightweight size but has professional features.

There have thousand of thousand browser app in the playstore. But most of the android browser app size is large. That can affect your phone RAM.

If you want to save your RAM and battery then you need to lightweight size app. So here I discussed the best internet browser for android that’s would be a really cool browser for you.

Best Cool Browser for Android Collections:

XBrowser – Super fast and Powerful Browser:

XBrowser is a super cool browser and also the most lightweight browser android phone. XBrowser size is only 1MB. But this browser features like a 40-50 MB size browser.

Which features attract me:

Save Web Page:

XBrowser saves web page is the best feature for me. You can save any web page for reading next time without a data connection.

This feature can save your time and data. Just open your web page and save it offline and read it next time from loading your memory card.

Ad Blocking:

Adblocker is another super cool feature for XBrowser. Adblocking can help you get rid of ADS. AD blocking feature can save your data. (Personally, I don’t like adblocker 🙂 )

Resource sniffing:

Resource sniffing is another best feature for downloading any files from a website. You can easily download audio, video and images from a website. If you want to download any video from youtube without any other app like vidmate, tubemate, snaptube then Resource sniffing can help you.

XBrowser Settings

Gesture function:

XBrowser supports gesture function and gives you permission for customizing it. It has 13 options you can choose any of them.

Support Scripts:

XBrowser support script. If you want to use your own JavaScript code then you can use it by XBrowser. But if you aren’t a developer then what can you do? Don’t worry. This browser has a lot of scripts on their server you can choose any script that’s you want. Even you can use Tampermonkey scripts!

Without these features it has also a Site setting that can allow you to enable/disable this permission: Disallow web page launch external app, enable Disable JavaScript, Disable cookies!

Xbrowser has View Source Code option, View Page resource option and clean UI and UX. I hope you like this best android browser. If you want to use xbrowser apk then, this cool browser app download for android from the below link:

Via Browser – Fast & Light – Geek Best Choice:

via browser

I have a post on this website for via browser Why you need to use Via Browser (10 Reason) you can read the post. Although now I use XBrowser but VIA browser is another super cool and fastest browser for android phones. Via is best for these features: data saving, clean design, ad-block, web page save, night mode, computer mode, script, ADD-ONS, translate, free to design your homepage and many more features. VIA browser is the best android ad blocker browser.

Since I have a detailed post on this website so you can read the post why via browser is the best browser for android.

Now get this super-fast browser free download link from below:

Firefox Lite – Fast and Lightweight Web Browser:

Firefox Lite

Firefox Lite apk is another cool browser and best data-saving browser android in 2019. This app is developed by Mozilla. Firefox Lite has some awesome features. You can use this app for your android phone. Why I think this app is the best for android read the cause from below.

Screenshot the Whole Page:

You can save a whole web page to reading the post next time from your Gallery! This feature can convert a web page into an image.

Night Mode:

I think night mode is a cool feature. Because it can protect your eyes. Not only your eyes it can also save your phone battery.

Private Browsing:

If you want to a browser in private that means without a trace then a private browsing option can help you. It doesn’t save your password, cookies, and histories.

Lightning Fast Browsing Speed:

Firefox Lite is the fastest browsing speed browser for android. You can download the browser quickly via Firefox Lite apk. And also you download very quickly by this cool browser.

Without these features Firefox lite has these features: Save Data – and Cash, Save Phone Space, Goodbye, Stubborn Ads, Protect Yourself from Trackers Even in Normal Mode.

Install Firefox lite for android from playstore via below install button:

How to clear cookies on Samsung browser:

Are you a user of the Samsung browser? And want to clear Samsung browser browsing history, cache, cookies, and site data? If you want to do this then follow the below steps:

  • At first open Samsung internet browser
  • Then tap menu
  • Now tap Setting
  • Then tap on the Privacy
  • Then tap on the Delete personal data
  • Now select what you want to delete. Then press the DELETE button.
  • Now you are successful!

How to go incognito on Samsung internet browser apk:

Sorry to say the Samsung browser hasn’t incognito feature! But if you want to use the incognito feature for your safety then you can use another android browser that supports incognito feature. I can suggest you use these incognito browsers for android:

  1. Chrome – Google chrome support incognito feature.
  2. XBrowser also supports incognito.
  3. Incognito Browser – Your Secure Private Browser
  4. CM Browser
  5. Opera with free VPN
  6. Opera Mini – fast web browser
  7. UC Mini- Best Tube Mate & Fast Video Downloader
  8. UC Browser Turbo – Fast download, Secure, Ad block
  9. Ghostery Privacy Browser
  10. InBrowser – Incognito Browsing

How to set Chrome as the default browser on android:

Are you a crazy lover of google chrome browser? And want to set chrome as the default browser on android? Then at first open your android phone default Setting and type browser on setting search bar and then tap the Browser app. Follow the below screenshot.

Type: Browser

Now you can see a list like the below screenshot.

Browser app

Now tap on the Chrome on the list like the below screenshot.


DONE! Now Chrome is your default browser.

Best video downloader browser for android:

Are you looking best browser for downloading videos for android phones? I suggest you use Operamini. If you use opera mini then you can download facebook video from this app. And also you can use XBrowser. You can download all kinds of video from a webpage via the XBrowser Sniff Media Resource feature.

What is the best privacy browser for Android?

  • Orbot Browser
  • Frost Incognito Browser
  • Firefox Focus Privacy Browser for android phone
  • Ghostery Privacy Browser
  • InBrowser Incognito Browser for Android
  • Omigo
  • Goldeness Browser
  • Armorfly
  • Epic browser
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Vivaldi browser

Which Android browser uses the least data?

  • Opera Mini (Operamini is the number ONE browser for less DATA!)
  • UC Browser
  • UC mini
  • Google Chrome
  • Apus Browser
  • Flynx
  • Yandex Browser
  • Dolphin Browser
  • KK browser
  • VIA Browser
  • XBrowser

I hope you enjoyed this upper section. If it helps you for choosing the best android lightweight browser then my post will be successful.

Which app are you like for downloading your large files? Why you use this app and which features attract you tell me in the comment section. We are waiting for your comment. I hope this post can help you. If you have any questions tell me via comment. I’ll reply to you.

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