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Why Amaze File Manager is The Best Android File Manager 2020

Amaze file manager apk is the best open source android file manager in 2019. Amaze is the light and smooth file manager for android phones. Today I’m going to write a review about amaze file manager/explorer. I hope if you read the full post then you will be forced to use this file manager.

Now I separate this post in 3 parts:

  1. Review – Short Review
  2. Tutorial – How to enjoy this app all features!
  3. Question and Answer: Some Common question and answer

Amaze file manager Review:

Light size:

Amaze is a light size android file manager. You can use this app without any lagging. Due to the small size, it does not use more RAM and Battery.

Light and Dark theme:

Amaze has material light and material dark theme and also daytime, Black (For Oled) theme. Material light theme is good for day time and material dark theme is useful for night time.

Built-in ROOT-Explorer:

Amaze has built-in Root explore. If you are a root user then root explorer can gold mine for you because you don’t need another app for use root features.

Built-in FTP Server:

The built-in FTP server is a very helpful feature. By this feature, you can access your storage from another phone/computer.

Material Design:

Amaze file explorer follow the material design guidelines. You can enjoy this file manager’s design.

Open Source File Manager:

Amaze is an open-source file manager for android. You can use this app without any cost and also you can customize how you want.

Great Customer Service:

Amaze team customer service wonderful. If you email them they’ll reply to you within 24 hours.

Now I am going to write about how to use this app with the necessary screenshot. So, keep continue reading this post.

How to use Amaze file manager:

At first, install amaze file manager from the playstore: AmazeFileManager or download amaze android app from apkpure: Amaze File Manager Apkpure. Now follow the below steps:

At first, open amaze app. Then allows the media, photos, and files permission by tapping the Allow button.

Now click the storage option. This is your phone storage. Now you can access your phone memory from here.

Amaze file manager sd card :

This is your memory card. You can access your memory card files from here.

You can quickly access your DCIM, Download, Movies, Music, Pictures folder from here. If you want to rename this section then click the Rename icon (If you can’t understand which icon is rename icon then follow the upper screenshot Rename section) and rename these file names. If you want to add another folder in here then follow these rules: Add folder on Bookmark

This section is more helpful for everyone. Here you can find your all files. How:

  • Quick access: Here you can see which files you opened at last.
  • Recent files: Here you can which files you customized (like a copy, paste, cut, rename) al last.
  • Images: You can see that your storage all of the images from here.
  • Videos: Here you can see that your all videos.
  • Audio: You can see that all kinds of audio files from here.
  • Documents: You can see that all kinds of documents like zip, rar, pdf, HTML, txt files.
  • Apks: You can see that your all app from here.

FTP Server:

At first click on the FTP Server

Now you can see that a screen like this

Then enable your phone hotspot and now click the START button from the FTP server section (follow the upper screenshot). If you can’t enable Hotspot then follow this post: How to enable android phone default hotspot.

Now you see an FTP URL, it’s time to transfer files from android to pc or another phone. Now connect your other phone with this phone hotspot. And input the URL on this phone browser. like this:

Now you can transfer any files from your phone to another device.

App Manager:

Now click on App Manager, you can now open, backup, uninstall any installed app from here. And also you can share these apps from here, see properties. Like below screenshot:

Amaze – Setting:

Here I’ll show you the most important setting. Click on the setting option

Now click Interface section Theme Option. Now you can see 4 types of theme

  • Material Light
  • Material Dark
  • Daytime
  • Black (for Oled)

Now you can choose any theme from here. I like Material light and material dark theme.

Now click the Color option. Then you can see 3 options:

  • Set color config
  • Colorize icon
  • Colored navigation bar

Enable/ON: Colorize icon and Colored navigation bar. Now click Set color config and then click Preselected Configs. Now you can see a new window like below screenshot:

I like Random Skin 👍. Because when you select random skin then you can see a different style each time that I like much. But if you want to use your favorite color then Click Custom and press the OK button.

Now you will see a screen like this:

Now it is high time to set your favorite color. Just click these 4 options and set your favorite color.

Now press the back button and go to the General section.

If you want to see your hide files and folders then ON it: Show Hidden Files and Folders. But you don’t want to see hidden files and folders then you don’t need to ON it.

ON Back Navigation because when you enable it then you can quickly browse this app. But if you mind it this feature is no need for you then you don’t need doing anything.

Now scroll down and go to the ADVANCED menu. If you are a root user then ON Root Explorer. Otherwise no need to enable it. Now press the back button. And follow the below steps.

Now follow the below screenshot

Click: Sort then click: Sort by and select what type you want. I like default Name mode with ASCENDING.

I hope you have noticed that Amaze select Phone memory for the home page. But if you want to use a memory card for the home page. Then follow the below rules: Amaze SD Card

First go to your memory card (If you can’t understand follow this: Amaze Memory Card) and again click 3 dot menu and click Set As Home then press YES.

Now I show you how to create files and folder. Just click + icon like below screenshot

If you need to create a folder then click Folder and if you need to create Files (.txt, .html, .php, .c, .htm and any types of files) then click File and create your necessary file. If you need to cloud connection then click Cloud Connection and choose your necessary connection.

Add to Bookmark any folder:

If you want to add a folder on bookmark then follow the below screenshot.

First click icon then click Add to Bookmark. Now you can see this folder on the Bookmark bar.

This section is for some common questions answer.

Amaze file manager move files/copy paste:

Many people search on Google: amaze file manager how to copy files and folder. This is very easy just long-press on a file/folder which file/folder are you want to copy. Then click the copy icon. For copy icon follow below screenshot:

Amaze file manager how to paste:

Now you want to paste your cut/copied files in another folder? Then go to your specific folder and press paste button. See the paste button from the below screenshot.

I hope this detailed post can help you in choosing this amaze file explorer, why you need to use this app. If you can’t understand anything from this post then tell me in the comment section. I’ll reply to you. Please share this post on your social profile. Thanks for reading this full post. 😍💕💙

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