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#1 How do I Allow Third Party Apps Android 8

Android every version phone has to allow third party apps installation feature. So, the android 8/OREO version phone has also a third party app installation option. This post is for how to allow third party apps android 8.

If you follow this post then you can enable/block the installation of apps on android 8 and also enable the installation of non-market apps on android phone. So follow the tutorial.

How to Allow Third Party Apps Android 8:

Install unknown apps permission option is located in the setting app. So…

  1. At first, open the android default Setting app.
  2. Then click on the new Apps and Notifications menu.
  3. Now click the Special Access button. (follow below screenshot)
  • Now click Install unknown apps. Then you can see your all app list.
  • Now click on the app you want to allow third party apps.
  • Now you can see a new screen like the below screenshot.

Now click the Allow from this source button.

Now your install third party app option is enabled. So, go back to your app and tap on an APK file. Now you can install any android apps on your phone.

This topic related some common questions and answers:

What is third party apps in Android?

You know android is an opensource platform. That’s means android allows you to install any app from anywhere. If android would be a not open-source platform then you can’t install any app from other websites or market place like iOS.

I hope you can understand what is third party apps in android.

Are third party apps illegal?

Obviously, third-party apps aren’t illegal. Third-party app has some security reason. So, the android operating system takes permission from you to allow/disallow the installation third-party apps.

Are third party apps bad?

I think the third party app is bad for security reasons (not all time). If you install a third-party app on your android device then it’s can push malware on your phone. So, try to install an app from the playstore.

How do I block 3rd party apps OREO?

  • Goto main system setting
  • Tap Apps and Notifications
  • Then tap Special Access
  • Now tap on the Install unknown apps
  • Now select your app that has permission to install third-party apps.
  • Then click the Disable button and block third party apps installation.

I think post can help you to allow third-party apps android 8 and also know about the third-party app. If you think this post is helpful for you. Then you can share this post on your social profile.

If you have any problem/question then you can comment here on your problem. I’ll help you.

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